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ABOUT Igor  has specialized in the practice of Chinese medicine for over 40 years. Whether you want to maintain good health, or are already ill or in pain, Igor can help.
After your doctor diagnoses your problem, Igor will identify the cause of the problem and will normalize the proper functioning of your organs and systems using the device he invented to activate Chinese medicine points on your body.

Igor can help you with:
  • Childhood diseases (asthma, dyspepsia)
  • Rosacea
  • Intestinal tract disorders (constipation, diarrhea, gastritis)
  • Gynecological disorders
  • Chronic headaches, including those resulting from trigeminal neuralgia
  • Chronic pain in the joints: shoulders, ebows, wrists
  • Back pain, including the neck and lumbar regions
  • Igor places a particular emphasis on restoring and strengthening the immune system

Igor teaches regular seminars and classes on Saturday mornings in his studio in Buffalo Grove.

Take control of your health today

Phone: +1 (773) 275 - 5516





Are you or your loved one suffering from chronic pain or experiencing a general feeling of being unwell? Are you struggling

with an undiagnosed illness or finding current medical treatments ineffective?

Contact for appointment

to improve vitality, immune system and overall well-being.

You can book an appointment in my Skokie or Buffalo Grove office from Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 7.00pm.

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Contact via phone:
+1 (773) 275 - 5516

8216 Kilpatrick Ave Apt1f
60076 Skokie Chicago, IL

What People Are Saying

>> I am a very old and loyal patient of Igor's. He is the first aid I seek when I experience different kinds of health problems, sometimes on a  very short notice when I have the emergency like severe back pain. He is very versatile and experienced specialist and always helps.
Basically, he views his patient as the whole organism and tunes up everything that needs tuning, not just takes  care of the problem you came to him with. He treated  me for my stomach pains, back pains, pneumonia, sinus infections  and always  really helped me.

Larissa D. (June 2019)

>> I started lifting weights at the early age and by the age of 16 my back was completely destroyed... thanks to the gym teacher, who didn't care about my health. My back pain was getting worse every day until one day I wasn’t able to walk. And on top of that my headaches were killing me. My blood pressure was high almost every single day and I couldn't sleep at night. But finally I met doctor Igor Raykhman who literally saved my life. I am very thankful to him for that. I went from being almost disabled to a completely healthy guy within a short period of time. And since then I’ve been feeling great.
Max (June 2018)

>> I came to Igor Raykhman last year, or rather, my husband carried me in as I was too weak to make it without help. My head was spinning constantly, I could barely walk and was about to go on short term disability as I was unable to concentrate on pretty much anything at work. My family physician referred me to ENT, after that I had seen a neurologist, then an ophthalmologist, followed by an internist, then ahiropractor (actually two different ones) - with no results. I rode a rollercoaster of endless blood work tests, including a special vertigo test, (VNG), an echo-cardiogram with bubble studies, and blood work tests for special rare diseases. All were useless, expensive, and exhausting. No one was able to pin-point the problem or to help at all. I was depressed and exhausted as I could not function …until… my husband heard Igor speaking on the radio about his non-invasive diagnostic machine and treatment. Igor explained that he looks at the patient's entire system holistically from an eastern medicine perspective as opposed to the western approach where specific doctor treats specific “spot” without ever addressing the cause and only treating the symptom. I did not have much hope in all honesty as I have tried so many things and they all failed. I had horrible headaches, dizziness, lost weight, could not walk far and pretty much slept most of the time or dragged myself to work as staying home was not an option. After initial visit I actually walked out on my own from his office, which was already amazing considering the fact that my husband carried me in. Eventually, visit after visit, I was getting better and better. It took a while to ramp up and return to my original state of being, but a year later I am pretty much back to normal-working out, running outside, enjoying time with my family. I will always be so grateful to this miracle doctor who “saved me” and gave me my joy and my life back.
Yelena (May 2018)

>> Rosacea is miserable. I noticed the first signs of its onset about 20 years ago. I went through the same hopeless cycles as many others: doctors, antibiotics, creams, sun protection, diet, laser, salts, internet searches, blogs, etc. Nothing worked. About three years ago I found a specialist of Chinese medicine. He offered to try a method of activating Chinese medicine points, and I agreed. My skin has been feeling normal for over two years. I don't use any cosmetics, I tan in the sun, enjoy sauna, and don't observe any special diet. Igor is the first medical practitioner who truly helped me. I am happy to share information, please feel free to get in touch with me.Igor F. (Mar 2018)

>> Hello, my name is Roman. In 1989 I began to suffer from unbearable headaches. The constant pain didn’t let me sleep. I couldn’t think. The doctors couldn’t help me. I was in a pain-induced stupor and was losing the will to live. In 1990 a friend recommended that I see Igor. I followed this advice and soon after beginning to treat me, Igor relieved me from these terrible headaches. Now, after nearly 30 years, I have returned to Igor for help with pain in my lower back and I am sure that he will help me. I would be happy to share my experience, please don’t hesitate to contact me T: 847.834.5351.
Roman (Mar 2018)

>> Since I have been treated by Igor my daily quality of life has drastically improved. I had suffered for years of strong and frequent headaches but since he treated me I’ve been feeling much better. I highly recommend him to all the people who don’t want to take painkillers wherever they go.
Alice P. (Jan 2018)