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ABOUT Igor  has specialized in the practice of Chinese medicine for over 40 years. Whether you want to maintain good health, or are already ill or in pain, Igor can help.
After your doctor diagnoses your problem, Igor will identify the cause of the problem and will normalize the proper functioning of your organs and systems using the device he invented to activate Chinese medicine points on your body.

Igor can help you with:
  • Childhood diseases (asthma, dyspepsia)
  • Rosacea
  • Intestinal tract disorders (constipation, diarrhea, gastritis)
  • Gynecological disorders
  • Chronic headaches, including those resulting from trigeminal neuralgia
  • Chronic pain in the joints: shoulders, ebows, wrists
  • Back pain, including the neck and lumbar regions
  • Igor places a particular emphasis on restoring and strengthening the immune system

Igor teaches regular seminars and classes on Saturday mornings in his studio in Buffalo Grove.

Take control of your health today

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Let's talk about health

Hello, dear friends. Thank you for your responses and interesting questions. I carefully read all your responses and all your concerns and questions are important to me. I hope that together we can move forward and direct our actions toward truly feeling good. Today I am beginning a new series and together we will discuss every indicator of health. Connect with me and share your opinion about each indicator of health. Those of you whom I treated or taught, and share your opinion about me and about all that I do. I will be happy to listen to all suggestions. Health is a feeling which helps people find themselves. Illness is bad energy or an imbalance of energy.
Doctor Luke, a traditional western medicine practitioner, also practices traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathy. His observations and evaluations of the state and problems of contemporary allopathic medicine are interesting, and so are his explanations of the results of acupuncture and homeopathy. Dr. Luke's approach to individual and his wise approach to the choice of treatment command respect. Dr. Luke defined 9 indicators of health. I define 11, and in time, might add more. Thanks to my decades-long experience of working with patients, and having read a great number of publications by authors I respect, such as Dr. Luke and Galina Shatalova, I decided to share with you, my dear readers and listeners, my observations and recommendations about our HEALTH. Majority of these coincide with many authors who write about it.

What are my indicators of health?
1. First, healthy sleep.
2. Positive emotions.
3. Proper nutrition.
4. Normal physical condition.
5. Clarity of the mind.
6. Good mood.
7. Correct breathing.
8. Absence of pain.
9. Love for children and people.
10. Correct planning of the next day.
11. Positive thoughts.

1. Healthy Sleep
For people, sleep is necessary to charge with energy, which reaches us mostly during the night, from cosmos. As we become older, we need to devote more time to sleep. During sleep, people received fresh information and process information received during the previous day. Sleep restores the immune system. First of all, remember: thoughts have materiality. Free yourself from thoughts and problems acquired during the day. Meditate. To do this, close your eyes and clean your aura. If the background you see is black, grey, or any dark color, remove this color in your mind and replace if with clear violet, blue, green or other colors you like. After this, begin to count, imagining the numbers on this background. Do not sleep during the day under any circumstances.
If you have trouble, contact me and I will help you master this meditation technique with the correct breathing.
2. Positive Emotions
Wake up with a sense of lightness. Look at yourself in the mirror. Smile. Life is wonderful. All your plans for today will be realized. From all your interactions with people and all your actions, you will receive positive emotions, and all your wishes will come true. Think only about the positive. The most positive emotions you receive from the people who love you.

3. Proper Nutrition
How to eat properly and what to eat? This question is difficult to answer. It is impossible to find absolutely clean, unpolluted food. The majority of produce have been modified. Even the vegetables you grow on your own plot of land are not 100% clean because poisonous rain and radioactive dust land on them. Through the study of Chinese medicine, I became convinced that the system ying-yang, which was gifted to us by the aliens, is the correct system for selecting the appropriate combination of food for each person.
All people and food fall into two energetic categories: ying and yang, and an imbalance of these energies leads to various diseases. I have developed charts which allow me to determine to which of these two categories each person belongs. If yang energy dominates in a person, I offer to him or her a selection of yang food and neutral food in order to re-establish the ying-yang balance which is necessary for normal health, and vice versa. If you are interested in a selection of food suitable for you, call me for an appointment and I will select suitable food for you and will show you how to use a pendulum to identify high-quality food.
4. Normal Physical Condition
Every person should have an excellent muscle structure regardless of what activity he is engaged in. Remember! If you have fat deposits on your stomach and on your hips, then fat is also forming in your brain.
I'm 76 years old and I've lost a lot of friends and acquaintances who have passed on for reasons related to memory loss.
I have developed a strict weight-loss system for people with great will power. I can offer various physical exercises that every person is obliged to do daily regardless of their occupation.
Here is the cycle of exercises.
1. The alignment of the spine combined with the correct breathing and meditation.
2. Twisting the spine while standing and lying.
3. Exercises with dumbbells.
In Kiev, I worked in the department of neurology and developed treatments for various incurable diseases and if you or your acquaintances or relatives have big health problems call me and I will try to help. Be healthy.
5. Clarity of the Mind
Every person needs to know what he or she wants in life. Positive goals and their fulfilment depend on the clarity of the mind. First of all find yourself, your talent with which you came into this life and then you will succeed. Don't be afraid to experiment. Keep your mind busy with work and you will receive pleasure and health in life. Learn to breathe properly. Inhale on the count of two seconds and exhale for as long as possible. Don't pause between the inhalation and the exhalation. The longer the exhale the better is the exchange of gases in the lungs!
6. Good Mood
All of us have experienced waking up in a bad mood. But few of us can imagine that good mood in the morning depends on what you ate the previous evening. If your previous evening meal was abundant and heavy on meat, all the energy of your body is diverted into digestion and you will wake up tired and in a bad mood.
In the evening, alkaline levels are elevated in the stomach. Alkaline environment does not work with fat and spices, so I recommend light evening meals that include vegetable soups, porridge, various fruit. If you have planned out your next day during the prior evening, and if you realize your plans starting first thing in the morning, I guarantee that you will be in a good mood. Try not to communicate during the day with the people who try to spoil your mood. These people are jealous, envious, evil. Smile for them and they will be surprised and leave you in peace. Test the humidity in your bedroom. Your mood on any day also depends on the quality of your sleep the previous night.
7. Correct Breathing
Even in 1983, working in the neurology department in Kiev, I observed that different authors offer different breathing techniques. Yoga alone offers about 10 different breathing techniques. I tested all of them under the control of the heart signal analyzing device and according to Buteyko, too and determined, the only one, from my point of view, correct breathing technique.

First, pausing between the inhale and the exhale causes too much stress for the heart. Second, the inhale should always last two seconds, lasting as long as it takes to say "eleven, twelve" in your mind, especially during meditation. Third, the duration of exhalation varies between different people depending on each person's lung capacity. The longer the exhale, the better. Ideally, make it last 15 seconds and longer, on the count of 11 through 25. there must be different people, depending on the carriers of the lungs and the longer, the better, preferably within 15 seconds and longer, on the count of 11 to 25.
I can help you practice this system of breathing and invite you to book an appointment to learn the morning routine that I developed. This routine includes breathing exercises with meditation, a diagnostic of the work of organs and systems based biologically active points of Chinese medicine, exercises to restore the spine, and exercises with dumbbells.
8. Absence of Pain
Pain is the body's cry for help and happens when the body itself can't handle a problem. Problems in the body arise 5-7 years before the appearance of pain. The body tries to correct the problem and to cure itself. Eventually, if it fails, pain develops as a signal that the body needs help.

For three years, I worked with a group of electrical engineers to develop a diagnostic device and in 1970 the device was designed and has since made no mistake, correctly determining the cause of any disease.
There are several types of pain:
Acute pain is the body's warning about a threat, organic damage, organic damage, or a disease.
Chronic pain persists during a long stretch of time. Treating it takes longer and is more difficult than acute pain. It's very hard to get used to.
Pain of the skin is caused by damage to the skin or to sub-dermal layers.
Somatic pain arises in ligaments, tendons, joints, bones, vessels, and in the nerves themselves. This pain can be caused by many factors which I can identify and remove.
Internal pain arises inside body organs.
Phantom pain arises in the extremities (mostly amputees) arises from the segment of the spine associated with that particular extremity. By working with the corresponding segment of the spine, this pain can be relieved.
Neuropathic pain is Neuralgia of the facial nerve or toothache.
The pain of malignant tumors is mostly caused by the pressure of the swelling on the surrounding tissue.
Psychogenic pain occurs with depression, anxiety, and hysteria.
Pathological pain arises in the central nervous system.
Pain of the soul, mental pain arises most often in response to the loss of a close person.
In America, they say pain kills the brain, and this is true. Call and come. I'll help you.
9. Love
Love is the biggest positive energy that exists.
What is love?
It's two creatures,
Whose hearts merge in a song,
What is love?
It's two substances,
Which exist in nature together.
What is love?
It's you, it's me,
It's a flight of inspiration in music,
It's the immortal flame in the souls,
It's the sweet ecstasy of emotions!
What is love?
It's a delicate flower which absorbed the beauty of all of nature,
This is a vital
Twist of the divine spiral,
It's a wanderer who found the dream he sought!
What is love?
It's light, it's God,
It's the highest award of the world,
It's a mysteries law
Of the borderless worlds,
It's the wisdom of the eternal monad.

How beautifully is love described in this poem! Love is a wonderful feeling! Sadly, not everyone is fortunate enough to love and unfortunately, in most cases, it does not end well. Very often people who have experienced love become disappointed with their choice of the beloved.

But how beautiful was this time of love!
God has given us the feeling of love, but unfortunately, has not assigned to us partners.
If a person doesn't love children and people, that person is disabled. This is especially true of teachers and doctors. If you are deprived of the feeling of love, don't become a teacher or a doctor. If you encounter people in love, then you partly become charged with the energy of love. Give love and you will certainly receive love in response. Happiness to you all!
10. Correct planning of the next day
If you plan the next day before going to sleep, you won't have time to fall sick. Remember the past day and do not feel upset if not everything that you planned has been done. Move this to the plan of the next day and make sure you don't forget to finish it. If you have accomplished everything that you planned, you will fall asleep with the feelings of satisfaction and happiness. 
Don't become upset when you realize that you cannot achieve all your dreams and goals in life. All the good things you have done in your life may be needed by future generations. Your knowledge and good deeds will be saved in the universal storage and you will be remembered with gratitude. Nothing has been in vain. Identify the most important goal in your life and try to fulfil it. If posterity and our planet need it, you will not be forgotten.
11. Positive Thoughts
1. If your thoughts are positive, the positive things you want will happen. If you think about the negative, the negative will happen. Your thoughts represent your self and your life will align with them.
2. Your have a free choice. Choose health and happiness. Everything depends on you: do you want to be pleasant and friendly, or the opposite? Be joyful, friendly, polite, and considerate - and the entire world will support you. It's the best path to be become a pleasant person and to be liked by everyone.
3. Your positive biofield is strong enough to repel the negative thoughts of other people. Their negativity will not bring you harm. You are the only owner of your thoughts and actions.
4. Your speech is driven by your thoughts. Don't talk about the negative and your life will embody only the positive.
5. Think about the realization of your plans and they will actualize.
6. Don't allow anyone to control your thoughts. Decide and do everything independently.
7. You are the owner of your path in life, your fate, your soul, and your thoughts.
Be healthy, happy, loved, and your life will be glorious.